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When we participate in the sacred journey of creating, we test the boundaries of a set reality. We begin to understand that we are Divine Co-Creators of our existence.

Are you ready to unleash your creative spirit?

What we are witnessing and what life is showing us speaks louder than words. The veil of duality between what is being said and what is actually happening is thinning. The Soul is emerging to take its rightful place as a stakeholder in our happiness.

The very essence of our Soul is creativity.

In the ecstasy of colors, symbols, shapes, scribbles, strokes, movement and tones we awaken to the fact that creativity is as necessary as breath. This process is our divinity and  pathway to healing.

Art Heals Us is a transformative creative arts practice.

We explore, unfold and expand on who are with various art mediums, such as:

crafting + painting + photography + drawing + clay + storytelling + textile art + media + sound + movement+ writing + poetry and more…

This creative process unapologetically and wildly makes use of the Ancient Divine Feminine, womb wisdom, oracles, dreams, meditation, invocation, visions, our experiences, compassion, joy and freedom as we unfold and explore themes of transformation.

Go to my offerings page to view upcoming classes, events and workshops.  




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